‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Cast Smoked A Ton Of Weed, Then Filmed A Web Show With Snoop (Dogg) Lion

If Snoop (Dogg) Lion’s web series, GGN, is to be believed, and if it’s not, may God have mercy on us all, then Charlie Hunnam and “Jax Teller” are basically one and the same at this point. Minus the racism and murder (though not enough murder), hopefully. But as someone who stills thinks of Hunnam as Lloyd from Undeclared, I’m always taken aback when he’s not acting on Sons, yet still resembles the SAMCRO president, especially the way he’s blended his British accent with his Sons of Anarchy accent. And how he says “bro” a lot.

As for Mark Boone Junior, who appeared with Hunnam and David LaBrava (Happy) on GGN, well, he’s still the quiet shaggy son of a bitch that he always is. He looks like a big ol’ sheep dog, albeit one that’s had way too much weed and wants to sleep in a dark corner for the rest of the day. That’s our Bobby.

And for what it’s worth: Rachel > Lizzie

(Via TV Tattle)