‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Spawned Many Outraged FCC Complaints Over Butts And Violence

Kurt Sutter continues his blunt-force assault on television with Head in the Basket The Bastard Executioner, but his most recently completed series lives on in the memory of (somewhat disgruntled) fans. We await both a Mayans spin-off and a possible prequel for Sons of Anarchy, but in the meantime, we can relive the show’s unyielding display of gratuitous sex and violence through a plethora of FCC complaints.

A year has passed since the series finale, so why not? Surely, the sting of the green screen has faded enough to appreciate some dark humor on the show.

Indeed, Sutter isn’t known around these parts as the most depraved show runner in television for nothing. These complaints are filled with outrage over “the most sadistic program on TV.” Most folks are upset about the show’s plentiful supply of Hunnam butt and “stripper” clothing. What about the children, y’all? Let’s get this ride started with a simple complaint:

“The program showed women’s butts and in one case showed a woman squatting on the floor with her back to the camera, wearing clothing a stripper would wear, while facing a man that had his pants down. The depiction was clear. Need I say more. I am appalled at this type of programming. I am extremely offended … What happened to our standards and morals? And we wonder why our young people are turning out they way they are.”

Sons of Anarchy aired during a late-night slot, which was geared towards mature audiences. Regardless, these complainers were up in arms, and this person was confused about several things, including what channel they’re watching and some guy named “Sam Crow”:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for letting Fox run this show and show my son what oral/regular sex is. In last night’s show of Sons of Anarchy, Sam Crow was at a party that the club sponsored. In one scene Sam is seen standing while the camera pans down and shows a woman’s head on the same level of his groin giving him oral sex. Later in the same show, the character of his son is having sexual intercourse with his girlfriend in the restroom at that very same party. That is pornography pure and simple! … How would you like to be sitting with your 17 yr. old and have to explain what his happening to your child?”

Well, I hate to break it to this concerned citizen, but the 17-year-old was almost certainly aware of the practices unfolding before them on the small screen. As for another person’s assertion — “I hate to think that people are watching this and we walk among them” — that nightmare comes true on a daily basis.

The full listing of FCC complaints on SoA can be found right here. (Via Muckrock and Boing Boing)

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