‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Recap: For God’s Sake, Kurt Sutter, Why?

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10.01.14 68 Comments

Did Kurt Sutter really have to murder all the women in Diosa last night on Sons of Anarchy? I appreciate, at least, that he spared us from the scene in which all the prostitutes were mowed down by the Chinese, but couldn’t Lin have proven his point by killing only Collette? Or just Lyla? Did he really have to go that far? It seemed unnecessary, but mostly, form a personal standpoint, it just plain sucked (because I love Collette, damnit).

But let’s back up here, and get the messy business out of the way. Much of last night’s episode was devoted to the efforts of SAMCRO to locate the wife of a preacher who had some dealings with Venus Van Dam. The good news is that it brought Van Dam back into the show, and as usual, Walton Goggins was amazing. After the preacher’s step-son shot Tig (uh, Alexander), Venus helped to nurse him back to health, and to the surprise of no one, the two ended up making out. They are the perfect couple: A heady mix of sweetness and degeneracy. They should get hitched, and ride off into the sunset before they both end up dead. (FYI: Venus will be back in episode 10)

But the point of tracking down the preacher’s wife is convoluted and messy and doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense. The long and short of it is this: August Marks needed a signature from the preacher’s wife to push a land deal through before the Chinese retaliated against the One-Niners for shooting up Lin’s massage parlor last week (although, in reality, it was the Grim Bastards and SAMCRO). The point, of course, is not the land deal, but to bring August and Jax one step closer to their confrontation. (“Land deal” has become something of a crutch for Sutter, a way to bring two sides together, but have we ever actually seen the results of any of these land deals?)

Meanwhile, it looks like Lin found out that Jax and SAMCRO were behind both the massage parlor and the killing of Lin’s men during the heroin and guns deal. How ever could Lin have found out?! Jury, of course. Now we know why it was necessary for Bobby to explain to Jury in detail SAMCRO’s plans against Lin, so that Jury could rat SAMCRO out after SAMCRO killed Gibby, who was probably Jury’s bastard son.

This is what happens, Jax, when you screw over your own allies.

Retaliation came in two forms: First, Lin’s men tossed a grenade into Scoops, and while SAMCRO survived the blast, their headquarters did not (and Chibs ended up protecting Sheriff Jarry from the blast, because awwwwww). Elsewhere, Lin’s men took out everyone at Diosa, which was a sickening goddamn sight, but not before one of Lin’s henchmen let Nero know that, though it wasn’t Nero’s fault, he’s certainly in it, now.

And if, next week, Nero blames Jax for this, Nero has every right. This is exactly what Nero was saying about Jax attacking the f*ck-O wife beater: “The problem is, it gets to a point, where it ain’t about revenge anymore. You’re doin’ it because it just feels good.” That’s where it is for Jax, and as a result, Nero lost a big part of his family, SAMCRO lost their major source of income, and a lot women lost their lives.

Meanwhile, the Juice saga continues. He appears to be suicidal (based on the fact that he’s talking to himself), but he also doesn’t want to die. He can’t stop “thinking about my thinking.” With the APB officially out now, Gemma has agreed to drive him to her father’s place in Oregon. Based on the fact that she is psychotic and doesn’t want a guy with a screw loose out there who knows that she killed Tara, and the fact that she put a silencer on her gun, I am guessing that the cabin in Oregon will be Juice’s final resting place. Why Juice put a silencer on his gun, I’m not as sure, unless he plans to protect himself because he knows that Gemma may kill him. Or maybe he’s just protecting himself from SAMCRO, should they track him down on his way out of town.

There is also the other matter of the white supremacists shooting two cops and killing one that almost seems like an afterthought given all the events of last night’s show. Deputy Sheriff Eglee survived (barely) and may be able to connect SAMCRO and the white supremacists to the shooting, so of course someone is going to have to finish her off. You know who is not going to be pleased about that, right? Unser. So, Jax will probably have to kill him, too. All this because of a dumb drug deal with Marilyn Manson’s crew.

Everything on Sons of Anarchy is a mess, and without Scoops or Diosa, there aren’t a lot of interior sets left for SAMCRO to hang out anymore. With nine episodes remaining and the body count piling up as quickly as it has, I don’t know who is going to be left to kill by the finale. On the other hand, you have to give Sutter this much: He’s not f**king around. He’s burning the show to the ground.

Random Notes

— We were introduced briefly to Courtney Love’s character last night. She’s Abel’s preschool teacher, who seems to approve of Gemma sassmouthing a horrible mom. I assume we will be seeing more of her.

— RIP Orlin West, the SAMCRO member I barely remember existed. If Ratboy dies, uh, we riot!?

— The second cutest couple on the show after Alexander and Venus is Chibs and Sheriff Jarry, although I’m still not sure what her game is, but I’m fairly certain she’s not in it just for the take.

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