Comic-Con 2013: Kurt Sutter Says ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Will End In A ‘Pool Of Blood’

For some reason or another, it has become tradition for Sons of Anarchy to close out the Hall H proceedings during Comic Con. Besides a clip with actual footage from the forthcoming season, there weren’t a lot of treats for SAMCRCO fans at Comic Con, save for being in the same room with practically the entire cast, including Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman, Kurt Sutter and his wife, Katey Sagal. The clip, like the teaser, suggests a lot of fights during this season.

It also suggests that both Clay and Tara — who are sporting orange jumpsuits in the clip — will be spending some time in prison this year: Clay after getting double-crossed by Gemma, and Tara after being implicated in the murder of a guard committed by Otto. That leaves Jax alone to raise his kids, and thematically, this season will be a lot about how Jax will approach fatherhood, whether he will make the same mistakes as his own Dad, or if he can manage to be the father his own wasn’t and still hang on to the leadership position in SAMCRO.

With most of the cast in attendance, Sutter was asked if the audience could expect the same composition next year, i.e., will any of the major characters die, but Sutter didn’t budge. “Uhh … I’m not sure.” However, he did reiterate that he plans for the seventh season to be the season’s last, although he never really makes that a definitive statement. “At a certain point the s*** just just to hit the fan and for it to stay believable and real, ultimately it has to find its endgame.” Sons is FX’s highest-rated show, so I remain skeptical.

Sutter did, however, reveal how the series would end: With “a big pool of blood.” He doesn’t know yet how he’s going to get there, however.

Otherwise, there weren’t too many insights into next season. It will pick up a few days after the fifth season ended, and in the sixth season, Clay will have run completely out of options, losing his last one in Gemma. His life is now in the hands of others.

Oh yeah: One other thing. Chibs will be the new VP of SAMCRO.

And here are some images from the event.

(Source: Hitfix and Daniel Fienberg)