Soon You Can Cook Meth With Your Very Own ‘Breaking Bad’ Action Figures

It’s too late to purchase for Christmas this year, but by next year, you will be able to buy your very own
Breaking Bad action figures. A company called Mezco is creating a whole host of Breaking Bad collectibles, like mini-figures, bobbleheads, paperweights, and plush toys (METH SOLD SEPARATELY). Soon, you’ll be able to cover your bookshelves with mini Walter White, your kids can sleep with a Jesse Pinkman plushie doll, and Appalachian Emergency Room will soon be filled with rednecks stumbling in with Mike Ehrmentraut figures stuck up their ass (“What? I just fell on it?).

The big question is: Will they include a whole face or half face Gus Fring? Will Saul Goodman get his own pull-string doll with catchy Goodman slogans? Will Hank have his own potato head? Will we be able to buy our own chemistry set specifically designed to cook meth in our own basements? CAN WE GET PINKMAN ACTION FIGURES IN MCDONALD’S HAPPY MEALS? The possibilities are endless.

Somebody should really also sell Blue Meth Crystals chewing gum, while they’re at it.

(Via I09. Thanks Stacey!)