Sophie Turner Filmed A ‘Super Traumatic’ ‘Game Of Thrones’ Scene That’s Not In The Books (Yet)

While walking the red (wedding) carpet at the 2014 British Independent Film Awards, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner was asked by a reporter from Hey U Guys what her favorite moment from season five to shoot was. Obviously, she remained coy, though she did mention being in a “traumatic” scene that was “horrible for everyone to be on set and watch it.” Y’know, as opposed to when Sansa watched her dad’s head get chopped off — that was only kind of unpleasant.

Anyway, and this is where I say SPOILER ALERT, TV Sansa is more or less caught up with Book Sansa, I mean, Alayne (things happened differently, too), so fans can only guess what this “horrible” moment is. (For what it’s worth, superfan Elio Garcia, the Tom Hagen to George R.R. Martin’s Michael Corleone, agrees with Turner: “He’s read parts of book six, The Winds of Winter — including a Sansa chapter that is sure to be controversial.”) Here are two popular theories:

-Littlefinger will rape Sansa

This is one of the main theories fans have been speculating about since the reveal of the controversial chapter. When we last left off with Littlefinger in season four, he had given Sansa a creepy kiss and then killed Lysa. He’s overly protective of and obsessive with Sansa, so a forced sexual encounter could make sense for his character. (Via)

-Sansa will kill Littlefinger

This theory could go multiple ways. One is that Sansa could kill Littlefinger if the previous theory is true, and he attempts to rape her. Another is that Sansa could use powers of seduction to kill him, as Redditor Eitjr suggests. A third reason for Sansa to kill Littlefinger is, of course, if she discovers how he betrayed her father.

To go back to that Hey U Guys interview, Turner mentioned that she loves when things get “super, super traumatic,” which would give credence to the first theory, especially because she’s previously stated that the almost-rape from season two is one of her favorite scenes.

So, expect another round of “Rape of Thrones” think pieces. Goodie.