‘Sorkinisms II’ Features Even More Recycled Aaron Sorkin Dialogue

Last year a Los Angeles-based editor named Kevin Porter put together a video titled “Sorkinisms” that compiled the many, many instances of Aaron Sorkin reusing lines and entire exchanges in his various TV shows and films. It was glorious, as was Sorkin’s reaction to it, which was to take it in stride and be pretty gracious in correspondence with Porter after the video went viral.

Well, a year later, and with a full season of Newsroom clips as ammunition, Porter is finally back with “Sorkinisms II.” Like most sequels it doesn’t quite live up to the original, but hey, there are a lot worse ways to spend eight minutes. Here are some of the things we learn about Aaron Sorkin’s characters in this go-round:

  • They are not waiters in a restaurant.
  • They hate trash cans and windows
  • They don’t give damns.
  • They insist on telling you where they went to school and what degrees they earned.
  • They reach for the stars.
  • They don’t have any friends.
  • They don’t know each other’s names.

To be fair, anyone who writes enough of anything will probably find themselves repeating certain phrases and themes at some point, often unintentionally. And Sorkin has written A LOT. This type of thing is bound to happen. But that doesn’t make it any less hilarious.

(via Vulture)