Steve Carrell And John Malkovich Return To Space (Sort Of) In The ‘Space Force’ Season 2 Trailer

The ensemble cast of Netflix’s Space Force is back for a second season of space calamity. To help discourage the, uh, same mixed reviews of season one, the streaming show brought in iconic show-runner Norm Hiscock (known for Parks and Rec and King of the Hill) and The Office director Ken Kwapis. This news came after the announcement that Netflix would be cutting the show’s budget.

Show creator Greg Daniels told Collider: “We brought in the guy who directed the pilot of The Office and a lot of our biggest episodes, this guy Ken Kwapis, and he’s so much about protecting the performance energy on the set for the cast so that they can relax and not worry about the mechanics of shooting it. He’s also super good at shooting comedy, which is somewhat different than the sort of like Kubrick-y kind of thing we were going for season one, right? We saw what was working and we tried to fix it.”

Steve Carrell stars as general Mark R. Naird and his chaotic but lovable team at the Space Force branch of the military. In Season 2, a new administration puts the group to the test, to prove the Space Force should still exist. The cast includes John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Diana Silvers, Lisa Kudrow, Tawny Newsome and Jimmy O. Yang.

The gang is also joined by guest stars SNL alum Tim Meadows and star of Ratatouille, Patton Oswalt. Season 2 premieres February 18th on Netlflix, and you can check out the trailer above.