A Patrick-Based ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ Spinoff Is Apparently In The Works At Nickeloeon

SpongeBob’s best friend might finally get a show of his own. Patrick Star, the beloved starfish who lives under a rock on the same street as the notorious pineapple under the sea, may soon have his own spinoff show at Nickelodeon.

Variety reported Monday that after more than two decades of scene-stealing moments as SpongeBob’s neighbor and best friend on SpongeBob Square Pants, Patrick and his family will be the focus of a new show currently the works at Nick.

A “SpongeBob Squarepants” spinoff series centered around SpongeBob’s pink friend is in the works at Nickelodeon, Variety has confirmed with sources. Bill Fagerbakke is set to voice the character once more.

The series will center around Patrick and his family, as the friendly starfish host a talk show.

If the wording of the story is to be believed, a talk show will be the center of the show’s focus. It’s unclear if Tom Kenny’s beloved sponge will be a part of the package, but it seems likely he shows up every now and again despite Patrick getting prime billing. What’s Bikini Bottom without SpongeBob, right? But a show that’s focused on Patrick — who has long had some of the show’s best lines and jokes — is certainly something fans will embrace.

SpongeBob has been on air since 1999, and a third SpongeBob movie is expected later this summer. Expanding the IP is certainly a long time coming. Just don’t let Patrick answer the phone at Viacom or this whole deal might fall apart.