‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ Reality Series Underwent Safety Reviews After Multiple Reports Of Injuries

Last year, it was reported that Netflix would give fans a chance to compete in a new reality series, which is a pretty normal thing for the streamer to do. But the show would be based on Squid Game, the hit series that is about literally fighting to the death in a competition series, and some red flags were raised.

Squid Game: The Challenge wrapped production last week, with one winner walking away (allegedly unharmed) with $4.56 million, which is the largest prize in reality show history. Ken Jennings should really be offering more.

But Deadline reports that the show underwent review after a number of complaints and injuries were reported. The production was visited by Britain’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE), though they didn’t find any violations. “We contacted the programme producers after receiving concerns about their recent filming,” HSE’s statement to Deadline read. “We reviewed the responses from the producers and decided to take no further action. We did stress to them the importance of planning properly for any risks in future filming.”

After a report in Rolling Stone, many players claimed there were “inhumane conditions” and players were treated “like horses.” A rep for Squid Game: The Challenge said that the production was maintaining proper safety precautions, despite the various complaints. “Netflix, Studio Lambert, and The Garden have done everything required by the health and safety legislation and the HSE have said they have assessed and closed the matter.”

Meanwhile, other crew workers said that there was nothing out of the ordinary while filming. One source said: “Red Light, Green Light’ was unbearably cold, but there was no coercion to freeze in place. The contestants also did practice runs and stretches,” the source said. “With the type of people being cast, there are always going to be those who are likely to find issues with things, particularly if you fly a very long distance and you’re out in the first round.”

(Via Deadline)