The Opening Title Sequence For ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Is A Love Letter To The Minutiae Of Sci-Fi

Science fiction has always been based on the incredibly specific details of the universe the story resides in. From the days of H.G. Wells to Isaac Asimov to Philip K. Dick and beyond (Harlon Ellison must be mentioned), the power of sci-fi not only stemmed from its powerful subtexts, but the small pieces that become an absorbing whole.

Now Star Trek is back on CBS All Access after being absent from television for twelve years. The recent movies by J.J. Abrams have kept the series alive, but a serial television show with a long-running narrative is already being embraced as a return to form for the series. Hype has truly built up, and this gorgeous title sequence, showing new tech and old, iconic gear from the series is only exciting fans further. Especially with the news that this series will follow the timeline of Kirk and Spock.

With Jeff Russo’s theme song harkening back to the original show’s title theme, the opening title sequence feels like fan service and a love letter to sci-fi’s most enduring show, as well as a nod to the genre as a whole.

Now what does that TV-MA rating mean for the direction of the series?