Stephen Amell Of ‘Arrow’ Is Done With Twitter, Which He Compares To The Forgotten Member Of *N Sync

If you watch Arrow, and you’re not following Stephen Amell on Facebook, you’re doing yourself a disservice. He is one of the most engaged television actors around, and he’s really good about posting behind-the-scenes coverage of Arrow and fun pictures of the cast. He also uses Facebook to throw his support behind charities or rally around certain individuals. He’s a really good guy, which makes it even easier to love and appreciate Arrow.

However, as engaged as he is on Facebook, Amell is NOT a fan of Twitter, which he compared to a member of N’Sync in an interview with Zap2It.

“Think of social media like *N Sync. I think that Facebook is Timberlake, OK? And I think that all of the other forums are the other members of the group.”

And Twitter? “The one whose name I can’t remember.”

I’m guessing that would be Chris Kirkpatrick. Nobody ever remembers that guy.

The reason why Amell holds that opinion is because he finds Twitter to be too negative.

“I don’t know if that’s a byproduct of the anonymity there, but when you’re sorta scrolling through looking at Twitter reactions to the show, they exist at the edge of each spectrum. They’re incredibly negative towards some characters. They’re overwhelmingly positive towards others. … I don’t think Twitter’s important.”

On the other hand, he loves Facebook:

“On the Facebook side, connecting with the fans in that way I think holds a lot more value, holds a lot more sway and it’s just been fun. I’m the same person as I was before I got this job, but this job has given me the platform to have fun and do interesting things on Facebook.”

Meanwhile, on his Facebook page, he clarifies that he hasn’t “personally encountered anything negative on Twitter,” reiterating, however, that “Twitter does a horrendous job of protecting” people who are abused, which is why he won’t “go back” until their policies change. (Amell hasn’t deleted his account, but he hasn’t posted since October 8th).

He also wanted to clarify that his statements comparing social media to members of *N Sync were completely accurate.

Source: Zap2It and Stephen Amell’s Facebook