Here’s The Guest Lineup For Stephen Colbert’s First Week On ‘The Late Show’

Stephen Colbert on Stern
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Anticipation for the triumphant television return of Stephen Colbert is at its peak, leaving fans wondering what he’ll be like as host of The Late Show as opposed to his old Colbert Report persona. The promotional material has been predictably hilarious, so fans should put their anxiety aside and embrace the new era.

Earlier today, New York Times culture reporter Dave Itzkoff posted the list of Colbert’s first week of Late Show guests, and it is a mixed bag to be sure.

Opening with Jeb Bush seems like a bold move, and a calculated one. Fans know how the old Colbert would have handled a Republican presidential candidate (let alone a Bush legacy), so they’ll get an idea of what changes to expect right out of the gate. There is a good range of guests, from Amy Schumer to Elon Musk, so it’s sure to be a great premiere week. The inclusion of Toby Keith as a musical guest is further proof that you can take the man out of the Report, but you can never really take the Report out of the man.

The Late Show returns on Sept. 8, so mark your calendars and plan your sleep schedules accordingly.

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