Stephen Colbert Gives Kim Kardashian’s Video Game The Shredding It So Richly Deserves

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For those of you who have managed to remain blissfully unaware to this point, Kim Kardashian has a video game app thingy that allows users to become a fake A-List celebrity by playing with their phones a lot and giving Kim Kardashian real money. It’s a lot like extortion, but instead of a big sweaty guy named Nicky the Squid threatening you, our own pathetically impulsive and addictive personalities are to blame. Hooray for everyone. (NOTE: Burnsy reviewed the game, because Burnsy is a glutton for punishment and a celebutante at heart.)

Anyway, last night Stephen Colbert got in on the action, too, tossing his own brutal review onto the heap. It’s really quite wonderful, as you can probably imagine. The highlight comes at the end, when he introduces his own app called Stephen Colbert: I’d Tap That. It looks pretty good, if you ask me.