After Nine Years Of Calling Them ‘Godless Killing Machines,’ Stephen Colbert Ends His Feud With Bears

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Stephen Colbert and The Colbert Report took aim at silly morning show sweeps stunts last night, zeroing in specifically on GMA and its big “Survival Week.” (For all those time GMA viewers encounter a shark while driving their children to school.) It’s a good segment, and yet another example of the playful media skewering we’ll miss once he packs up the Comedy Central studio and takes over for Letterman on CBS, but it is not the big story here. Nor are the lesbian puppies at the beginning, although we’re definitely getting a little closer with that one.

No, the big story here is that Stephen Colbert appears to have ended his feud with bears after nine years of referring to them as “godless killing machines.” I won’t spoil the whys or hows for you. Just zip ahead to about 6:00 in the clip. It’s … it’s a beautiful thing.