Larry Wilmore Decides To Try And Take Over ‘The Late Show’ For Stephen Colbert

Ever since Larry Wilmore’s Comedy Central show The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore was unceremoniously drop-kicked off the schedule, the comic has probably been itching to get back on television. Wilmore’s show was always insightful and offered a unique perspective that isn’t always available in the sea of white people that make up the rest of the current late night hosts. So now that he has some free time on his hands, Wilmore is obviously just looking for a new platform from which to make people laugh, cry, and become more informed about today’s politics. So of course he chose to hijack a monologue on a show that belongs to one of his old Daily Show comrades, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

After cracking jokes about Trump (of course) and Coldplay (also of course) Colbert comes out to let Larry know that unfortunately this has all been a major misunderstanding and Larry doesn’t actually get to deliver Colbert’s monologue. You can’t blame Wilmore for the mix up though, he just thought that every person who once had a 10:30pm show after The Daily Show would get to host The Late Show after leaving Comedy Central. Even though that isn’t the case here, it isn’t necessarily a bad idea. Can you imagine CBS serving as a graduate program for underrated but critically beloved Comedy Central talk shows? Larry Wilmore would make an awesome “Carpool Karaoke” host.