Watch Stephen Colbert Mock The (Yoga) Pants Off Lululemon’s Sexist, Racist Chairman

As the founder and chairman of yoga-inspired athletic apparel retailer Lululemon, Chip Wilson has long been a legend to admirers of the female figure. The guy made yoga pants ubiquitous, what more could you ask for in a bro hero? Turns out there’s plenty more to Chip — none of it good.

The more he opens his mouth in public, the more he’s revealed as a sexist, racist scumbag. He’s had a number of public relations nightmares lately, including the time he blamed overweight women for recent quality issues with Lululemon’s pants. Also: his weak apologies are easier to see through than his company’s defective, accidentally-transparent Luon pants.

As such, Stephen Colbert put Wilson in the downward dog pose last night and didn’t relent, mockingly giving him “Alpha Dog of the Week” status before ridiculing each of his PR disasters.

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