Catch Up With Stephen Colbert’s Absurd Lunch Time Antics Ahead Of ‘The Late Show’

We haven’t checked back in with Stephen Colbert since he started his new lunchtime YouTube series, but it would seem that things got really weird since then. Episode was actually normal in comparison because now he’s asking you to hide his gun for him and go on the run from the law, all while trying to eat your damn chips that you packed specifically for this lunch.

Then stories pop up about a riverboat robbery, a Ruger, a stolen bag of money, and a paleo diet that features an ape hand on a bun. Delicious.

He also once again goes for your chips. From your lunch. Your property.

Finally things reach their necessary climax as Cobert decides to go on the run, wearing a disguise and fearing for his life. And you’re officially bankrolling this escape, but he’s doing it in his name to save you the trouble with the law.

I guess we should take this calm moment before the final installment tomorrow to remember poor Harmonica Lou. And your chips. Your poor chips.

(Via The Late Show)