Stephen Colbert Talks With ‘Making A Murderer’ Documentarians Laura Ricciardi And Moira Demos

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Stephen Colbert welcomed the documentarians behind Making a Murderer, Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, for an insightful chat on The Late Show Tuesday night. Ricciardi and Demos haven’t made many television appearances since their Netflix true-crime series became a hit, previously going on the Today show to reveal that they had been contacted by a juror who believes Steven Avery is innocent.

Demos describes the series more of a howdunit than a whodunit, saying that their goal was to “document the process” rather than figure out who did it. To that point, Colbert asks the filmmakers straight up whether they think he’s really guilty, since — despite the fact that the investigation and subsequent trial were clear miscarriages of justice — whether Steven Avery actually killed Teresa Halbach is a whole other debate.

Ricciardi deftly sidesteps the question by responding, “I mean my personal opinion is that the state did not meet its burden either in Steven Avery’s case or in Brendan Dassey’s case, so I would say in my opinion, not guilty.”

Lightening things up, Colbert switches gears and asks the ladies if they have any ideas for future documentaries. Ricciardi says that she wouldn’t mind following around Florence and the Machine. But only if Florence and the Machine get wrongly convicted of murder, of course.

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