Stephen Colbert Has A Very Awkward Interview With New Playboy Cover Model Sarah McDaniel

Entertainment Writer
02.12.16 2 Comments

The newest issue of Playboy features Instagram starlet Sarah McDaniel to introduce actual readers to the new era for the magazine. Gone are the nude images and crass cartoons, replaced by what one could describe as a “more contemporary experience.” Though if you watched The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Thursday night, you would probably think that the old Playboy was alive and well.

McDaniel was the guest and it would seem that her top was causing her a bit of trouble the entire interview. And Colbert noticed, creating one of those fun TV moments you can’t script. Conan likely would’ve handled it a little differently, but Colbert had fun by asking McDaniel if she needed some Duck/duct tape for her dress and even covering her up with a sheet of paper when trying to take a selfie.

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