Stephen Colbert Proves He’s Not Only One Of TV’s Funniest People, He’s One Of The Planet’s Best Dads

Stephen Colbert answered questions as part of the Ask a Grown Man series, and what’s terrific about it is how seriously and thoughtful he is taking the questions. Basically, the real Stephen Colbert is as thoughtful and kind as “Stephen Colbert” the character is funny, and it’s easy to see from Colbert’s answers that he’s a terrific father.

The questions range from “why do boys make rape jokes” to “how do I convince my father to let me spend the night with my boyfriend,” and Colbert is careful not to give the popular answers, but the thoughtful, “Dad” answers, which is to say, the CORRECT answers.

Dad Stephen Colbert is a lot dorkier and, ironically, a lot cooler than The Colbert Report Stephen Colbert. He’s a really good guy, and a role model not just to beginning comedians and satirists, but to other parents.

Source: Vimeo