Stephen Colbert Compared Tumblr To The Vietnam War During His Commencement Speech

It’s May, which means it’s time for famous people to give commencement speeches. Meanwhile, when you graduated college, your speaker was some guy who worked at a library, or something. You weren’t paying attention. You were too busy being blinded by the promise of a better tomorrow, haha jk, you’re in massive, massive debt. Oh well, at least the graduates at Wake Forest got to see Stephen Colbert give a speech before they entered the real world.

And one girl who auditioned for The Real World.

The future Late Show host said that it’s “time to say goodbye to the person we’ve become” and joked about the university’s diversity, or lack there of, and referenced the infamous Dress, comparing our Tumblr-torn country to the Vietnam War. It’s basically the same thing.

(Via: Vulture)