Stephen Colbert Actually Took A Selfie During His Appearance On ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’

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02.18.14 5 Comments

It is pretty clear that Jimmy Fallon killed it last night with his first run on The Tonight Show. He outclassed Will Smith with some fancy dancing and had a parade of cameos to boot. He’s certainly come a long way since the fresh faced giggle box that used to roam the halls of SNL, raiding couch cushions to find a quarter.

But who really won last night? Stephen Tyrone Colbert, that’s who. Not only did he provide the best joke during the $100 dollar bet sequence (although the person in the Joan Rivers costume was a hoot), but he also managed to document it all on Twitter with this selfie.

Welcome to 11:30, Jimmy. Hope you like the taste of copper and tears!

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