Stephen Colbert Returns With ‘The Werd’ On Trump’s March Of Controversy

Entertainment Writer
08.02.16 7 Comments

As promised, Stephen Colbert seems to be keeping “The Word” alive on The Late Show, with his slight tweak. In the first post-convention edition of “Werd,” the topic is everybody’s favorite GOP loud mouth, Donald Trump. Specifically, it’s a long look through the various scandals that Trump has ignited since his presidential campaign started a year ago. He begins with Trump’s continuing war of words with Khizr Khan, noting how it almost overshadowed his ties with Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Using a series of shortened statements and “werds,” Colbert highlights how Trump maintains a string of terrible, offensive acts that seem to make us forget the previous terrible, offensive act. Trump seems to survive and carry on despite a string of controversy that would sink any typical candidate. Supporters seem to be able to look the other way and critics are hit with a barrage of outrageous antics that grab their attention.

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