Stephen Colbert’s Chat With Paul Rudd Is Why He’ll Be A Great ‘Late Show’ Host

Paul Rudd dropped by The Colbert Report last night to promote David Wain’s must-see They Came Together, co-starring Amy Poehler and New York City. Midway through the interview, which took up half the episode, Stephen Colbert dropped his shtick, and became the kind of affable host I think we’re going to see on The Late Show. He told an adorable anecdote about the time Rudd sang “Oops!… I Did It Again” with his daughter, and kept repeating how nice of a gentlemen the future Ant Man star is. Colbert kept things funny throughout, though (“Are you an asshole who’s a great actor, or are you a really nice guy who’s a terrible actor?”), and by the end of the chat, both he and Rudd couldn’t stop giggling.

I think this Colbert fella’s gonna be OOOOOOOOOK.

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