Stephen Collins From ‘7th Heaven’ Is Being Investigated For Another Molestation Claim

Last week, years old allegations — based on an audiotaped confession by Stephen Collins himself — that the 7th Heaven pastor had molested several underage girls surfaced, although we would later find out that the those molestations were not only decades old, but that his wife first reported them to the police two years ago, which led to an investigation (Collins was cleared because police could not identify the victims). Since then, Collins has lost a gig on Scandal, and in Ted 2, and reruns of 7th Heaven have been pulled indefinitely (which also sucks for the other cast members, who were receiving royalties).

All this from a guy who admonished Jessical Biel for a risque photoshoot when she was 17. Douche.

Anyway, it gets worse. Not only does his wife claim that he used his role in 7th Heaven to get closer to child victims — meaning he may have been molesting children more recently — but now an actual victim has come forward, according to report from Yahoo:

On Oct. 9, days after the Collins’s audio recording made headlines, a person contacted the authorities, saying that in the summer of 1983, when she was 13, Collins exposed himself and annoyed or molested her at a home in West Hollywood. The LASD is now working with New York Police Department, which confirmed to The Insider With Yahoo on Oct. 7 that they were investigating allegations that Collins molested a family acquaintance in Manhattan in the early 1970s.

This guy is going to be nailed to the wall. It’s too bad that there aren’t enough years left in his life to serve a prison sentence worthy of the (alleged) crimes.

In a related story: In an interesting but unfortunate turn of events for backers of the short film, Penance — which recently did the film festival rounds — Collins played a pedophile priest in it. The director of that film obviously cast him before he knew any of this, and is now attempting to distance himself from Collins.

That’s a crappy coincidence.

Source: Yahoo