Here’s Stephen King, James Franco, And JJ Abrams On The Set Of ’11/22/63′

Stephen King’s time travel novel about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, 11/22/63 is coming to Hulu as a science-fiction miniseries in the near future. Or past. (I always get those two mixed up.) The author wanted to see how things were going, so he paid a visit to the set and snapped a photo with James Franco and JJ Abrams. The former plays English teacher Jake Epping, whereas the latter serves as Executive Producer.

It looks like the three had a merry time, but that’s not all, as The Hollywood Reporter announced on Monday that Josh Duhamel would be joining the cast in a recurring role:

Duhamel will play Frank Dunning, the father of Jake’s student Harry Dunning (played by youngster Jack Fulton and Leon Rippy), in 1960s Kentucky. Frank is the rakish town butcher, a ladies’ man with an effortless smile that everyone welcomes — except Jake, the only man who knows the full violence of which Frank is capable.

If any of that sounds as confusing to you as it does to me, then I don’t feel so bad. If not, then I’m just a dummy who doesn’t get time travel — an otherwise perfectly understandable yet fictional concept.

(Via Stephen King and The Hollywood Reporter)