Watch Steve Buscemi Read Fan Tweets And Break His Legendary Silence On Steve Buscemi Tattoos

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09.06.13 9 Comments

If Steve Buscemi is dropping by your show to promote Season 4 of Boardwalk Empire you’re really doing everyone a disservice if you don’t figure out a way to work him into a comedy bit. I won’t ruin the nonsensical tweets Steve Buscemi reads for Jimmy Fallon’s audience, but I will say he finally confesses to several things I had a hunch he was responsible for to begin with.

Interview segments where Steve remembers that time he was on an episode of Miami Vice with Willie Nelson and finally breaks his legendary silence on Steve Buscemi tattoos after the jump.

Click play here for the Buscemi-Nelson-Don Johnson photo alone. Also I’m still processing the fact that Fallon just recently saw The Big Lebowski for the first time.

And finally, the clip of Steve Buscemi discussing Steve Buscemi tattoos the internet has been waiting for.

This interview would been nothing but tattoos, stoops, and dresses if I had been in charge.

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