Steve Buscemi’s Creepy Elementary School Yearbook Photo Is A Thing To Behold

Jesse David Fox over at Vulture unearthed Steve Buscemi’s 6th grade elementary school year book photo and it basically looks exactly what you would have expected Steve Buscemi to look like as a child. He writes:

Steve Buscemi and my mom grew up in Valley Stream, Long Island, at the same time. They didn’t go to the same elementary school — Buscemi went to Clearstream; my mom went to Forest Road (where I also went years later) — but they shared a school district — District 30. As a result, they were in the same yearbook, which, fortunately, my mom kept.

The tragedy here is that Buscemi didn’t get his start in acting as a child, because can you even imagine how many “creepy child” roles were criminally robbed of boy Steve Buscemi? If only we could go back in time and remake the The Munsters. Boy Steve Buscemi > Butch Patrick times a million.