Tony Hawk Films Steve-O Breaking His Ankles In A Stunt Gone Wrong

Every once in awhile, we like to check-up on former Jackass star Steve-O just to see what he’s up to these days. Just a few months ago Steve-O spoke to us about his Showtime comedy special and how he was “working on pivoting” to a new career, while at the same time admitting that he’s a chronic “attention whore.” Now 42, Steve-O certainly sounded like a guy who was interested in doing more than putting his body in peril for the sake of our entertainment.

Apparently, not so much. If Steve-O plans on pivoting anytime soon after his latest stunt gone awry, it’ll have to involve crutches.

The latest Steve-O hospital stay comes courtesy of a failed stunt that involved a speeding car, a wooden port-o-potty, and a skateboard. That last sentence might garner numerous questions if it involved anyone else, but with Steve-O — we just nod in acceptance. The result of the failed stunt for Steve-O was one dislocated and broken right ankle and a shattered left heel.

Steve-O posted about his accident yesterday on Instagram saying “I really did a number on myself today,” before warning of the pictures that were to come of his gnarly ankle on Snapchat. “Apologies in advance for the images of my foot sticking out sideways — wish me luck in surgery!”

This is where an entire bucket filled of NOPE comes in. We waited this long to show you, so consider yourselves warned.

Yup! It was worse than we imagined. To fix the ankle, doctors fitted Steve-O in a soft cast until the swelling goes down, then they will place a metal rod in his leg to stabilize it. We’d say Steve-O’s days of skateboarding are over, but who are we kidding?

In true Steve-O fashion, he followed-up those posts today with an ‘ICYMI’ synopsis of the entire incident, before pointing fans in the direction of TMZ, where the videos of the injury could be seen.

( Via Bro Bible)

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