Stephen Colbert And His Beard Will Guest Star As A Priest On ‘The Mindy Project’

Stephen Colbert has a majestic new beard
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Earlier today, we learned our nation’s greatest hero — one Stephen Colbert — has an awesome new beard. Well stop everything, because the former host of The Colbert Report also has a new part-time job: a guest spot on The Mindy Project. According to Mindy Kaling’s Instagram, Colbert will play a character named Father Michael O’Donnell:

For a practicing member of the Roman Catholic church, Colbert’s casting begs many questions. The Mindy Project is a sitcom, so it’ll be some sort of satirical role, right? He’s an O’Donnell, so will he be Irish? Whatever happens, it’s all probably a secret extension of Colbert’s prank show Baptiz’d:

(Via Mindy Kaling)