Stop Everything and Look at This

Last month, this sexy-as-hell S&M lingerie photo of “Community” stars Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs leaked online, but I was forced to take it down when GQ — which commissioned the shoot — sent out a round of cease-and-desists. However, it was worth the wait, because the leaked photo was all crappy and low-resolution, whereas you can now see it here on Warming Glow in glorious 2456 x 1800 resolution. It’s like Alison Brie’s breasts are in the room with you. I plan to spend the rest of my day memorizing freckles.

Anyway, let’s get to the necessary cheeky-but-sexy quotes from the article:

“With a shoot like this,” Brie (left) says, “you’re negotiating these positions together: ‘Can you move your crotch a little to the left? Really get it up there.’ ”

“The next day we were texting each other,” Jacobs adds. ” ‘Are you sore, too?’ ” […]

Jacobs: “The episode where I made out with my supposed lesbian friend was the first time I’d kissed a girl. I was terrified.”

Brie: “Aw, Gil! You should have let me know! We could have practiced!” [GQ]

In conclusion, anyone who says anything negative about “Community” is wrong and stupid and probably inbred and prefers to have sex with animals and I hate them.

Photo by Mark Seliger for GQ, and yes, there IS video from the shoot below. I’m glad you asked.

Stay tuned — I’ll have more high-res outtakes from the shoot as soon as I finish another round of handjobs at GQ.