The ‘Stranger Things’ Creators Reveal The ‘Biggest’ Question Heading Into The Final Season

[This post contains spoilers about Stranger Things 4]

The Stranger Things creators didn’t remember poor Will’s birthday, but they’re making it up to him by talking him up as the show’s most important character (with the possible exception of Eleven).

In the final moments of season four of the Netflix-breaking show, Will feels a familiar tingle on his neck, and looks up to the sky; he’s the first to notice that the Upside Down has started to invade Hawkins, Indiana. It’s an important reminder of Will’s significance to the overall arc, and leads to the “biggest” question heading into the final season.

In an interview with Deadline, co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer were asked about how long they’ve been waiting for the scene where Vecna explains to Eleven how he “encountered” the Mind Flayer. “It’s been a long time coming,” Ross answered. “We knew we wanted to get there with this season and that’s obviously the big bombshell in the volume two. We really wanted to give the audience a lot of the big answers. There’s still a few of the question marks that remain.”

Such as?

“The biggest one being we set up in the volume one finale how the Upside Down is stuck in time on the day of Will’s disappearance. That’s something we don’t answer in volume two, and that is really the key plot point, the key question that is going to drive our final season as we try to wrap up this story and give the rest of the answers out.”

As we learned earlier in season four, the Upside Down is stuck on November 6, 1983, the day Will disappeared. Max was still two years from running up that hill, and no puppets would be mastered for three more years. The reason why time stopped the day after Alexa Chung was born and the day before Adam DeVine came into the world effects the rest of the story in the final season. I bet it involves his terrible haircut.

Stranger Things is expected to return in “mid-2024.”

(Via Deadline)