A ‘Stranger Things’ Star Has A ‘Heartbreaking’ Update On The Final Season

Your excitement for Stranger Things season 5 is nothing compared to what the cast must be feeling. Once the premiere date is revealed, they’ll never have to answer questions like “when does the new season come out?” or “what happens in the last scene?” ever again. Until then, however, they’ll have to continue to be vague about the final season of the Netflix hit.

The latest interview comes from star Maya Hawke, who spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the “heartbreaking” season at the premiere of Inside Out 2 (she voices Anxiety in the Pixar sequel).

“It’s already starting to be heartbreaking,” the actress admitted. “I mean it’s the end of a really long journey. Longer for some of my castmates, even, than me. So it’s really sentimental.” Hawke continued, “But as a late addition cast member, I feel like it’s my job to be here to facilitate their feelings and just be grateful and excited to have been a part of it at all.”

Hawke joined Stranger Things in season 3, and her character, Robin, and Steve (played by Joe Keery) quickly became the show’s best duo.

“We shoot for a long time,” the actress and singer said about filming the show, “so it’s kind of reinvigorating [to bring] the joy and finding it everyday and making it new. It’s a really fun thing to do.”

Stranger Things season 5 will premiere in 2025.

(Via Entertainment Tonight)