The ‘Inside Out 2’ Trailer Introduced The World To Maya Hawke As ‘Anxiety’ And The World Seems To Love It

The sequel to Disney/Pixar‘s Inside Out is heading to theaters next year, which means audiences get to experience the mind of a 13-year-old through the lens of her feelings and emotions. It should be the scariest horror movie of 2024.

With an older Riley comes new emotions, ones which Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness, and Disgust are not used to. Inside Out 2 will feature a new group of emotions, including Anxiety.

An estimated 15 million adults in the U.S. struggle with anxiety, so of course a movie with a character called Anxiety was bound to get some heated opinions, and that’s when people turn to the internet. Anxiety will be voiced by Stranger Things’ Maya Hawke, and it seems like she has reached her target demographic in the form of Gen Z Twitter users who are into this whole idea.

Obviously, some people aren’t on board with introducing Anxiety as a cute little animated character, but they have failed to consider that this is a movie for children who have never heard of these concepts before, so maybe let’s just hear them out for a little bit?

Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, and Lewis Black all return to Joy, Sadness, and Anger, while Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling are won’t be returning as Fear and Disgust in the sequel due to reported contract disputes. They have been replaced by Tony Hale and Liza Lapira.

Inside Out 2 will hit theaters in June of 2024. Check out the trailer above.