The ‘Stranger Things’ Season Finale Runtime Is Somehow Even Longer Than Expected

The creators of Stranger Things have been teasing the movie-length season four finale for some time now, as they were just finishing up edits as the first half of the season began airing in May. It seems that they have finally edited it down, though it’s still basically the same runtime as your average Marvel movie.

According to Collider, Episode eight will run an hour and 20 minutes, which is still massive for a television show without commercials. The season finale comes out to two hours and twenty minutes (!), just three minutes shy of beating out Avengers: Endgame. Though hopefully, it will not beat out Endgame in total deaths.

The final two episodes will presumably conclude with the gang of teen misfits destroying a slithery demon in the alternate universe known as the Upside Down. The final trailer just dropped, which shows a lot of demonic drama and even more Kate Bush, as the teen sleuths try to save Hawkins from being taken over by the underworld. Or something like that. Do we even really know what the Upside Down is at this point? Oh, and Joyce is in Russia.

While this won’t be the end of the show, the series will conclude with season five, whenever that may be. So, even if your favorite character survives this season, there is still more destruction to come.

(Via Collider)