‘Succession’ Joins ‘Breaking Bad’ As The Only Shows With Perfect 10.0 Episodes On IMDb

Succession star Alan Ruck called “Connor’s Wedding” the “strongest episode we’ve ever done. I think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done, and that’s saying a lot, because we’ve done a lot of good episodes.” Of course, he would say that, considering he’s the Connor in “Connor’s Wedding,” but viewers are agreeing with him. Sunday’s shocking episode has joined “Ozymandias” from Breaking Bad as the only episodes with a perfect 10.0 user rating on IMDb.

The Conheads are truly going to love this.

“Ozymandias” was previously joined by two episodes of Attack on Titan, “Assault” and “Hero,” but those have since dropped to 9.9, alongside episodes of Six Feet Under (the series finale), BoJack Horseman (“The View from Halfway Down”), Game of Thrones (including “Battle of the Bastards”), and Bluey (“Sleepytime”). You think you’re hot sh*t, Bluey? Well, you’re not. You got nothing on the Roys. (Now I feel bad. Bluey is too nice to even ironically pick on. It’s like calling Paddington a terrorist, which he’s NOT.)

“Connor’s Wedding” has nearly 17,000 votes compared to over 193,000 for “Ozymandias,” and it might well drop a decimal point and lose its perfect rating. But a 10.0 at any point is impressive — even “Marge vs. the Monorail,” arguably the best episode of the best show of all-time, “only” has a 9.1.

To anyone who gave less than a 10.0 to the monorail song or Kerry’s weird smile, for that matter, I say: f*ck off.