Supercut: The Most Ridiculous Made-Up Websites From ‘Law & Order’

The Law & Order franchise, and Law & Order: SVU in particular, doesn’t get nearly enough credit for its commitment to creating incredibly silly-sounding fake websites. They don’t have to do that, you know? They could just say “We saw something on an adult website dedicated to busty women,” or “Her search history shows a lot of hits a on website for wine aficionados,” or “The victim liked to visit a soccer chatroom for teens,” but instead we get names like The Rack Menagerie, Luscious Grape, and And that’s not even counting the hilarious store-brand names they use for actual websites, like swapping out Facebook and Google for “FaceUnion” and the delightfully on-the-nose “Searchling.” These are little insane gifts from the writers to us, and they should be treasured as such to ensure we keep getting them.

Thankfully, the good folks at Slacktory have put together a supercut of these ridiculous made-up sites, and it is glorious. I feel like I could spend days at a time listening to Ice-T and Richard Belzer reading the names and descriptions of imaginary websites frequented by perverts and miscreants. There’s just something about their delivery. “This creep spent all day on a porn site called Dog Whips,” “Our victim got tricked into posting topless pictures on a foodie forum called Empenada Street by a user named ILuvFishTacos,” “The suspect is a former law student who now spends all day blogging for a website called UPROXX under the screen name Danger Guerrero,” and so on. You get my point.