Take A Look At The Familiar Actors That Guest Starred On ‘The X-Files’ Before They Were Famous

Television has long been the setting where many actors get to cut their teeth in bit roles, the kind of thing they wouldn’t be noticed for on stage and screen, but can get a slight nod within your living room. If you ever get a chance to watch the documentary That Guy… Who Was in That Thing, you get a feel for how character actors and supporting players get work in the industry.

Shows like Star Trek and Law & Order form a nice little cushion for some actors to come rolling in and get some work to elevate their visibility. The same could be said for The X-Files, a show that featured a countless number of faces that would go on to bigger, better, and more influential roles.

The clip above only covers ten actors , including three of the mains from Breaking Bad (Vince Gilligan did some X-Files, so it makes sense). Also included are folks like Jack Black, Ryan Reynolds, and Luke Wilson, but that’s hardly the end of the list. One site drove it to 20 actors and another went up to 54. It’s a good germ of an idea, but my point is that there is no shortage of talent from the show.

It might’ve been aimless there in its closing seasons, but The X-Files provided a nice outlet for good storytelling, great acting, and videos like this. Who was you favorite cameo in the show? Mine is probably Randall “Tex” Cobb, but I’m an oddball.

(Via Buzzfeed Pop)