The ‘Tales From The Loop’ Trailer Showcases Amazon’s Surreal Sci-Fi Series Produced By Matt Reeves

Tales From The Loop brings impossibly surreal digital paintings from Simon Stålenhag to life, and this trailer previews how the Amazon series will adapt these works of art. It’s an unusual concept, given that Stålenhag constructed this world, and creator Nathaniel Halpern (Legion, The Killing) wrote the series and came together with executive producer Matt Reeves (The Batman, Cloverfield) and director Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo, Locke & Key) to make it happen. If those combined credits aren’t enough to make your head spin, the visuals rendered above might do the trick.

The series’ concept is wicked cool and revolves around “the town and people who live above ‘The Loop,’ a machine built to unlock and explore the mysteries of the universe – making things possible that were previously relegated only to science fiction.” Genre storytelling can be tricky, but it’s important to also note that Stålenhag’s art work is wildly popular and crowdfunded, so there’s undoubtedly built-in fandom here that’s already familiar with the source material and will judge accordingly, positive or otherwise.

Stålenhag’s pieces do bring to mind a twisted dance between Isaac Asimov and Salvador Dali, and watching them be adapted onscreen will be a novel experience, to say the very least. The series stars Rebecca Hall, Jonathan Pryce, Daniel Zolghadri, Paul Schneider, and Duncan Joiner. Here’s the artist himself on Twitter, comparing original pieces from his book with key art from the show.

Tales From the Loop comes to Amazon Prime on April 3.

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