Tammy 2 Is Returning To ‘Parks and Recreation,’ Will Throw Down With Lucy Lawless

10.10.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

There is two pieces of great news to the revelation that Megan Mullaly will be returning to Parks and Recreation this season, specifically in the ninth episode: 1) It means the return of Tammy 2, and Ron Swanson is never more funny than when he’s under the spell of his second wife, and 2) since Tammy 2 will try to get in between Ron Swanson and Diane in the ninth episode, that means that Lucy Lawless will still be around by the ninth episode. That’s great, because Lawless is already fantastic on the show.

Meanwhile, if you’re in to television podcasts, Warming Glow’s Josh Kurp, Pajiba’s Joanna Robinson, and myself have joined forces to bring you Station Agents, a new weekly podcast that will rank the ten best episodes of each week. If you’re so inclined, we’d love if if you gave us a listen. — (Pajiba)

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