Ted Danson Is Reuniting With His ‘Good Place’ Creator For A Series About A Senior Snooping On Other Seniors

The Good Place ended a little over three years ago, bringing to an end another top shelf Ted Danson series. Was the afterlife comedy as much of an all-timer as Cheers? Probably not, but what is? Besides, perhaps it will seem that way in a decade or so. In the meantime, Danson isn’t sitting on his laurels: He’s set to reunite with the show’s creator for something completely different.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the erstwhile Sam Malone and Good Place instigator Michael Schur are teaming back up for another scripted comedy, this one based on a true story. It’s an adaptation of the 2020 Chilean documentary The Mole Agent, which his described by the IMDb thusly: “A private investigator in Chile hires someone to work as a mole at a retirement home where a client of his suspects the caretakers of elder abuse.”

The series has been picked up for an eight-episode order by Netflix, which is one place where you can currently find The Good Place.

Schur has a pretty sterling CV. He’s co-creator of not only Parks and Recreation but also Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The guy knows office culture as well as the post-mortem, which should do him well in a retirement home setting where Danson has gone undercover — especially considering the guy can dance.

(Via THR)