Dear Lord, Look At Ted Danson Dance On ‘The Good Place’


Context first, because we are professionals. On this week’s episode of The Good Place, our crew of misfits took their findings from the previous episode — no human has made it into the Good Place for hundreds of years, not because humans are getting inherently worse, but because every decision now comes loaded with dozens of potentially harmful consequences, and god bless you if this was the first episode of the show you ever watched, and you tried to figure out what’s going on — to the judge, played by Maya Rudolph. There, Michael, an immortal demon-with-a-heart played by television legend Ted Danson, attempted to make his case for a change in the system, somehow, to make things more fair given the changes that have taken place on Earth.

It did not go well.

So, in a panicked attempt to salvage any part of this endeavor, he…


Yup, he did the floss dance. Some of you may recall that this is not, technically, the first time Ted Danson has done the floss dance. There was also that viral video of him doing it with the cast of the show a few months ago. We are truly living in blessed times. Ted Danson is out here flossing, Henry Winkler is playing a delightful goof on Barry, YouTube is absolutely littered with videos of dogs skateboarding. There’s good in the world, people. You just have to dig a little.

Anyway, Vulture got the full story of how this came to be. It did not disappoint:

The Good Place’s writers have been itching to make Danson dance in an episode since day one, and as co-executive producer Joe Mande told Vulture, the meeting in the Interdimensional Hole of Pancakes provided the ideal setting to finally execute the idea. “We decided the saddest thing a desperate demon in a 70-year-old’s skin-suit could do in that scenario was to start flossing. So that’s what we went with,” he said. “Although it was weirdly important to me that Michael refer to it as ‘the Backpack Kid dance.’”

That’s wonderful. But I want to see Danson floss more.


Keep going, king.


What a great day. This is my favorite Ted Danson moment since the time he and Patricia Arquette solved a murder on CSI: Cyber using coffee grounds and a damn Roomba, which is, I swear to God, a real thing that happened.

In conclusion: Ted Danson? More like “Ted! Dance, son!”

I’m sorry.