Telltale Is Allegedly Making A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Backstabbing Simulator

11.22.13 5 years ago 13 Comments

Tap out a few grains of salt to season this story with, but if true, it’s a doozy; Telltale Games might just be tackling Game of Thrones. So the franchise might finally get a good video game?

This is just a rumor. In fact, Telltale was less than forthcoming on the story IGN breathlessly reported anyway:

We get these sorts of rumors about what we could be working on next cropping up all the time. Officially we have no comment.

That said, at least it’s a rumor that makes sense. George R.R. Martin has reportedly been less than happy with how the franchise has been handled on consoles. The action RPG from Atlus was by all accounts a miserable botch; the strategy game from 2011 is so obscure it came out two years ago and I first heard of it today, right now, researching this article; and there’s another strategy game in the works, subtitled Ascent.

Furthermore, Telltale has a good record of taking on morally complex tales and writing original stories while staying true to the tone and style of the original works. And they’ve done well with another story based on a hugely popular cable series.

On the other hand, they also seem more focused on comics, right now; after all, they followed up The Walking Dead with Fables, which is hardly an obscure comic but that’s pretty clearly a passion project for the company. And it also seems that Martin wouldn’t want to take the focus off Ascent. So until Telltale, or Martin, starts talking, we’re classing this one as a rumor.

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