Ten Pointless, Expensive On-Screen Props I Need to Own

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01.25.12 22 Comments

Earlier this week, we published a post about how someone was selling a piece of the Aggro Crag from Nickelodeon’s “GUTS” on eBay. We’re still not totally sure if it was real or not, but I choose to think it was because SCREW YOU, DON’T MESS WITH MY CHILDHOOD.

But that extremely pricey, totally useless piece of history got me wondering what other on-screen treasures you could purchase through eBay. First, I typed in “Alison Brie underwear” and “Raylan Givens hat,” and after my results returned nothing but signed photos and books (blah), I did a more general search for “TV merchandise props.” Here are ten expensive, literally as-seen-on-TV items I absolutely want and obviously need.

Price: $2,000

Description: “The fish cookie cutter and Dharma stamp that goes onto the fish were made by Renegade, as well as the salmon pink ginger-cinnamen edible cookie dough. Renegade made the Dharma Fish bisquits for “Lost.”

Price: $900.00

Description: “really nice condition, this is a one of a king item, 100% authentic thank your letter and Webster personal white house jacket that was given as a gift, the leather and photo is in a nice folder with minor wear and the jacket is in excellent condition.you will also received a written fan card that Webster wrote back to a fan but it was never mailed, this is truly a gift to have in your collection.”

Price: $5,555

Description, from contestant Ozzy Lusth: “This is a one of a kind, MY ACTUAL IMMUNITY NECKLACE. I have decided to let it go so I can raise a little capital to shoot a cool sizzle reel to sell a show. This is the best IMMUNITY NECKLACE EVER!! i am biased…This is a work of beauty, I am sad to let it go but I must move on and try to build another cool show. Help me keep the adventure going!

If so desired I will personally deliver the necklace and spend a few hours with you talking about my experiences out in the wild! All I need is airfare taken care of, or you can come and personally pick it up! I will include Photos, a handmade Certificate of Authenticity and a few other goodies to the Lucky person that can get a hold of this very special piece of Survivor History! It will be worth every penny as I will give you all the juicy gossip you will never hear from anyone! shoot ill even throw in the Pants I wore on the show!”

Price: $999.99

Description: “Keyboard he plays during the opening sequence of the hit television series.”

Price: $375.00

Description: “You are Bidding on 1 Original Vintage 1989 “Claymation” Character Clay Model Face Sculpture (looks like Leader Singer “A.C.”?) – Hand Modeled by a Will Vinton Studio Artist during a Special Appearance at a Show held in Portland Oregon in 1989.”

Price: $264.00


Price: $725.00


Price: $2,998.98

Description: “This is the original head of the Demon Lorne, which was used in Season 2 Episode 22 “There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb.” This item is encased in a football helmet display case and is decorated with a scarf. The robotics used in the production are not included. This listing has been authorized by the Executor of the Estate from the late actor Andy Hallett.” (Emphasis mine…)

Price: $3,000.00

Description: “You are looking at a Macho Man Randy Savage ring worn & AUTOGRAPHED cowboy hat. This was worn during the “Macho King” era 1990-1991. The front crystal design is missing from the hat…Randy wore this in many promos at the beginning of his feud with “The Ultimate Warrior,” as well as in a match against KoKo B. Ware that is on youtube.”

Price: $1,000.00

Description: “For Sale is an extremely rare Muppet head from the show Dinosaurs that ran on ABC from 1991-1994 and was voiced by Kevin Clash aka Elmo. It is in excellent condition and has been stored for 20 years with no deterioration of the latex foam. This is a great piece of Muppet memorabilia that anyone would be lucky to own. It is just the shell with no animatronics, the inner latex core it is resting on is just for support.”

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