'Terra Nova' Is Probably Extinct

After some speculation that it might be saved by striking a deal with Netflix, it now looks like FOX’s pre-historic drama “Terra Nova” is dead and gone. Like, uh … hold on … lemme think of something that’s dead and gone. Hmm. Maybe something, or some creatures, that are well-known for having once existed in large numbers, but have since vanished. I can do this … … nope, I got nothing. Read this blockquote while I keep thinking:

After two weeks of negotiations, Netflix and Terra Nova producer 20th Century Fox TV could not come to terms on a deal to continue the series on the video streaming service. While 20th TV is not throwing in the towel quite yet as it is not releasing the actors, there is no other viable suitor at this time and the chances of keeping the show alive following Fox’s cancellation earlier this month appear minimal. 20th TV has done it before with Family Guy, Futurama and Arrested Development, which were all resurrected years after being cancelled, but given the elaborate sets required by Terra Nova, which takes place 85 million years in the past, that possibility appears unrealistic. [Deadline]

Whales? No, they’re still around. 8-track players? They’re a little more rare, but, I mean, you can still find them somewhere. Come on, DG. THINK! Something that’s no longer in existence, and is gone forever, unless maybe some crazy scientist tries to bring it back on an island that is intended to serve as a tourist attraction but things go horribly awry and whatever it is that was gone starts terrorizing the inhabitants and eats one guy right off a toilet… Wait a minute. That’s it! It was staring me in the face all along. Boy, do I feel stupid.

“Terra Nova” is extinct like the Jurassic Park franchise. (Relevant video below.)