That ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Show Is Going To Be On CBS

Good news for websites hosting the image of Eddie Murphy giving the A-OK hand signal:

CBS has collared the Beverly Hills Cop adaptation from Shawn Ryan and Eddie Murphy.

After fielding hefty offers from each of the Big Four networks, Sony Pictures TV settled on the Eye as the best home for the revival of the franchise that yielded three features starring Eddie Murphy in 1984, ’87 and 1994. The new spin will revolve around the son of Murphy’s Axel Foley character, a cop transplanted from Detroit to Beverly Hills. Aaron Foley is a blue-collar cop who is also on the force and struggling to escape the shadow of his father.

CBS has given the show a firm pilot production commitment. Murphy will appear in the pilot and may be a recurring character if the show is picked up to series. (Via)

Now comes the endless speculation of who will play Aaron, with thousands of uppercase words spent breathlessly claiming that [THIS ACTOR] is the perfect Aaron unless [THIS ACTOR] is the best fit to play Aaron. For what it’s worth, I think [THIS ACTOR] should be J.B. Smoove (even if CBS turns the idea into a comedy-drama) because Donald Glover is too obvious and Smoove can say anything and make it sound funny. That’d be a nice change of pace for CBS.

(Via Variety)