The 10 Things We’ll Miss The Most About ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 4

06.12.14 5 years ago 60 Comments
So remember how excited we were that Game of Thrones was almost back? Yeah, those were the days, because now we’re very sad that after Sunday, there won’t be another new episode again until next April. That is a impossibly long time, and I’m not ready for Game, as well as Fargo AND Louie, to leave us in the same three-day stretch next week. It has been a great year of a great show, and we’re going to miss the hell out of it. Here’s what we’ll miss the MOST.

1. The #TrueDetectiveSeason2 pairings.

In order: Tyrion/Oberyn, Brienne/Pod, the Hound/Arya, Margaery/me, and Hot Pie/direwolf bread.

2. The genius of Littlefinger.

The most shady of shady manipulators was a one-man wrecking crew this season. He played a part in killing Joffrey, and literally killed Lysa and Dontos, and oh yeah, he creepy-kissed Sansa, revealed he’s responsible for the War of the Five Kings, and got sickly Robin to go on a tour of the Vale. He was very busy. Also: where does Aidan Gillen place in the post-The Wire power rankings? Obviously Idris Elba is #1, but the race for #2 is cluttered with Gillen, Lance Reddick, Amy Ryan, and Michael K. Williams. Yeah, it’s probably Omar, so he best watch out: Gillen has a history of “dealing with” problems.

3. The evolution of Sansa.

As Sansa Stark has grown into a character you’re actually happy to check in with, so too has Sophie Turner evolved into a remarkable young actress. It’s a good thing fate collided with talent, because unlike in past seasons, where Sansa mostly moped around and pined after boys, she had to grow up and turn into Goth Katniss when shuffled out of King’s Landing, and Turner KILLED in her scenes set in the Vale. Maybe “killed” was a poor choice of words, actually…

4. The escalating madness of Arya.

I don’t think the Internet could handle the Stark sisters reuniting. The last time they shared a scene was back in season one’s “A Golden Crown,” when Sansa was in love with Joffrey. That was ages ago, and since then, they’ve both become different shades of badass: Sansa’s blooming into one, and Arya has activated doesn’t-give-a-f*ck mode. Every time she thinks something good’s about to happen, a different family member dies. She has no choice but to turn into a cold assassin: it’s all she knows anymore.

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