The 8 Most Disappointing Final Seasons Of Once-Good Shows

08.13.14 5 years ago 147 Comments
If you’re not watching the final season of True Blood, you’re missing out. Not because it’s good, but because it’s so, so, so bad. Check out Burnsy’s recap of the first episode of the season, and then go to Sunday’s. He’s losing his mind, and we’re reaping all the benefits. It doesn’t matter if you bolted from Bon Temps after season three — nothing on the show makes sense, anyway. Except Pam, Eric, and Jessica, and even then, one of them was recently threatened to be raped with a red-hot dildo. It’s been reminiscent of another once-good drama (yes, I’d argue that seasons one and two of True Blood were solid) that had an unintentionally hilarious final season, but we’ll get to that.

Here’s a countdown of the shows that fell from grace the hardest in their final seasons.

8. The Office

A great finale can’t make up for Jim and Pam’s boring adventures in marriage and no Michael Scott and “The Farm” and Andy…oh god, Andy. The second the Nard Dog returned from his boat trip, he instantly landed on the Worst Characters of All-Time list. Where once his dickishness used to be THE JOKE, now he was just a dick. To sweet, perfect Erin, no less. That’s unforgivable.

7. E.R.

Despite its stash of prestigious awards and the fact that it was once one of the highest rated shows on TV, no one talks about E.R. anymore. It’s a completely anonymous blockbuster that ran for 15 seasons (!). By the time the County General gang handed in their scrubs, or whatever it is doctors do, the still-impressive cast (Lindsay Weir! Uncle Jesse! Steve Smith!) was nearly unrecognizable to someone who stopped watching when George Clooney left. E.R. simply ran out of new stories to tell and new ways for helicopter to kill characters, and the only reason people were still tuning in was because they wanted to see the old guard return. They did, but it felt hollow.

6. Northern Exposure

The Office wasn’t the first show to continue after its main star left. Northern Exposure had the same problem 15 years earlier, when Rob Morrow departed over a salary disagreement midway through the final season. By that point, however, the show was a shell of its former quirky, magical, clever self — think of the difference between Twin Peaks‘ magnificent season one and uneven season two, but worse.

5. Heroes

/remembers nothing abut the final season of Heroes

//consults Wikipedia

As the press turn to question Claire and Noah, Claire gets them to follow her as she climbs to the top of the Ferris wheel. Sylar notes to Peter that while he wanted to kill Doyle, he chose not to and saving Emma felt good. As they notice Claire climbing, Peter states that she will change everything and Sylar declares, “It’s a brave new world.” Claire leaps off of the Ferris wheel with the press watching. With the cameras in her face, she relocates her arm. She says, “My name is Claire Bennet, and this is attempt number…I guess I’ve kinda lost count.” (Via)

I want to forget that all over again.

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