The Best Of Lizzy Caplan’s Reddit AMA

LIZZY CAPLAN IN A MOVIE WITH ALISON BRIE WHERE THEY TALK ABOUT SEXXX. Now that I have your attention: Party Down, Mean Girls, your dreams star Lizzy Caplan is on the campaign trail in support of her new film, Save the Date, and she dropped by Reddit yesterday for an Ask Me Anything (AMA).

She answered questions about the Party Down movie, which is something she’ll be doing until 2047, when the damn thing finally gets made, but also Freaks and Geeks, whether she’ll appear in any more Marvel specials, and Alison Brie. Breaking news, but a lot of people on the Internet are interested in Alison Brie. Sickos.

A sample of our favorite answers — with GIF and image accompaniment — after the jump.

Hi Lizzy! Just wanted to say you were awesome in Party Down. Can you tell us anything about the rumored movie? Also, what’s it like working with Adam Scott?

We have high hopes for the Party Down movie, but everybody went ahead and got super busy since its cancellation. So i’m not sure when it will go down…but I’m confident it WILL go down.


What was it like partying with The Gutte?


Please please please story?

Ripped physique Clingy, silken fabrics hugging said physique You do the math.

How was your experience on Freaks and Geeks?